About Me

Michele Pigliacampo

I introduce myself…


Born in Italy on 09/09/1997. My name is Michele Pigliacampo and I am a young Videomaker.

3 years of experience in the video sector at an amateur level led me to take the step forward.



A passion born as a game.



My passion for videos was born as a game, with the opening of a Youtube channel where I shared my life. I never followed university / academic studies about it, I acquired the skills through field experience!

Once I finished my studies as a “surveyor”, I felt into the routine of a series job that made me ask myself many questions.

I didn’t like the work that i was doing and I earned the right to move forward, I rounded up my salary with amateur videos for discos.

On March 13, 2018, my life took a different direction, called Ireland. In this magnificent country I opened my horizons and looked out my confort zone. I spent the last two years in Ireland, and i can honestly say that is my home far away my home.

    Here I was in Wales, exactly in Cardiff at the Millennium Stadium.

Travelling makes you free, but…

I love Italy, and is where I want my children’s future. I am living with courage and ambition also I have invested a lot of time and money in this passion, with the aim of turning it into a job. In this site you will find some of my works, ranging from promotional for companies or restaurants, to weddings.